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saxophonist, woodwind doubler, educator
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December 31, 2015
Year End Wrap Up: 2015 Edition

"I was also very fortunate to be a part of two album release concerts this year. The first was the release of Drew Tofin’s ‘One Night’ on March 7th at Louis’ Pub and the second was the University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble’s Bumper Crop VI: Continuance on June 13th in Quance Theatre."

December 1, 2015
Hiring Musicians: A Helpful How To Guide

"It is incredibly frustrating to have someone phone you to inquire about your band and they have no idea what it is that you actually do!"

June 5, 2015
Why I Use Contracts & Why You Should Too

"I started doing it because I felt like it added credibility to what I was doing. It showed that I was serious about this and not just some hack doing this for fun on the side because people want the real deal."

May 17, 2015
Welcome to my new website!

It’s here! Welcome to my brand spankin’ new website!

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